Online dating platforms are the best place to get lucky and fall in love with some. We tend to fantasies about the life you get after your match. We have heard all the success stories about the apps. But has it ever clicked on your mind that the app you are I is fake? No probably not we so much into love that we don’t think of which platforms we are using. Some app are a clone of the famous gay dating apps and website.  Note when you are getting into an app you need to subscribe. Here some tips to finding the right app.

  • Privacy and security: genuine site protect their uses privacy no information is leaked out. Your profile is safe at the site and should be seen by fellow users only. Your messages should be secured end-end encrypted.
  • Subscription amount: real online apps have a standard price for all users. They shouldn’t too high and not delivering. Be aware of fraud site which may shut anytime.
  • Communication: the genuine site have smooth flow of communication. The profile are easily read by users and message get to the inbox on time. If any case of mis-understanding the site support group responds very fast.