While most say all good and cheesy things about dating, and they are good, they can suck as well. So here are the top 5 reasons as to why online dating sucks.


Sulking first dates:

You might not show it expressly, in most cases, first dates can be extremely sulking. They are sulking and that is why they are sucking as well. You simply stick to the rules of dating, you have your own rulebook, you will no more be yourself, and you pretend to be someone else. Always your first dating experience is built with a lot of expectations and the reality doesn’t usually match. So will you sulk right in front of your date? No, probably not. The sulking part is always the aftermath of your first date. You will never want to date again.

The next few don’t work as well:

Ok, the first dates always suck, but the consecutive ones will work, right? No that is where you are going wrong. The next few will end up being the same as well. The first that you have to understand about dating is that they aren’t cinematic in nature. What they show on the TV is simply imagination of how a perfect date has to be and not a representation of how they actually are. So if you are a way too theatrical person, then dating can hit you hard.

Dating sites simply won’t work your way:

The weirdest thing about getting into a dating site is almost all people are there on the dating site, and it becomes quite hard to filter people who match your tastes and preferences. Since these are free sites, anyone can come sign up and look for a date. The frustrations of entering a fake account, either the person never responds or is challengingly talkative.

Technology ruined us:

We are so much used to talking to a person over the phone and texting that we have simply forgotten the ways to handle a person in reality. This is the demerit of the growing technology.  With technology, we have forgotten how to socialize and talk to people. So when you meet someone in person, you simply develop cold feet and stop yourself from moving any further.

Overpopulated technology:

Online dating sites are overpopulated. Any random person can come and create an account for themselves. Though online sites have options to find a potential match by filtering according to your tastes and preferences, it is not a simple task to narrow down your options out of about 40 Million people who are active on online sites. Not only this creates fake id threats, but it also reduces your option to find the right person. You can find a lot of people, but the option to meet them personally can be slim since most of them are there just for fun. So online dating can suck.